Troop 1379's Own

Chocolate Lover's Badge

These embroidered patches are the same size as the official GSUSA Junior badges. Eileen ordered them in bulk to get them at a reasonable price, and has been ordering more as needed.
They are available for $1.00/each, including postage.
If you wish to purchase some of the extra patches for your troop or for your collection,
please contact us.)

Attention: Canadian Girl Guides
Please contact us for information about payment/interantional shipping.
We're trying to make this available to you, as we hear your badge was discontinued.


.Credit for the creation of these badge requirements goes largely to our former 01, Cheryl Desmond. Since it is a troop's own badge, you can create your own, of course.

Requirements (choose any six):

1. Tour a place that makes chocolate candy

2. Make a troop collection of chocolate recipes from all over the world.

3. Learn the history of chocolate and how it is grown and processed from the cocoa bean to the candy bar. Are there any environmental or social concerns in the chocolate industry? What actions would you recommend?

4. Blind taste test various types and brands of chocolate

5. Make at least one recipe of fudge. Investigate the various flavors of fudge that can be made.

6. Use your baking skills to help out someone in the community, such as senior citizens, children living in a shelter, a food bank, etc.

7. Prepare a main dish recipe with chocolate as an ingredient.

8. Make up your own drink recipe using cocoa powder, drinking chocolate, or a bar of chocolate. Prepare it and ask your troop or group to taste test it.

9. Do a troop or family survey. Get everyone to keep a record of the chocolate they eat over a week. How do your results compare?

10. Explain what at least 4 of these terms mean: tempering, enrobing, bloom, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, hard ball vs. soft ball. Or do the Chocolate Matching Worksheet.

11. Learn about chocolate consumption in the United States and other countries. Which country eats the most chocolate? Use the Internet or visit your local library to find out the most popular brands of chocolate in the U.S.

12. Find out the nutritional value of chocolate. How can you make chocolate or other sweets part of a healthy diet?



The story of Aly, an 11 year old boy tricked into slavery on a cacao plantation (exerpted from the Knight-Ridder expose of slavery on cacao plantations in Ivory Coast)

Entire Knight-Ridder story

Information about Fair Trade Chocolate

Cadbury's history of chocolate and information on chocolate production

Rainforest relationships: How chocolate can save the rainforest (it grows better in the shade)

Science of cocoa

Chicago's Field Museum Chocolate info pages

Effect of Hurricane Mitch on cocoa farmers in Central America

Maps of Africa, Central America, and South America




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