Community Scavenger Hunt
(Junior Girl Scout level)

Use the telephone book, local directories, newspapers and/or internet to find the following information:

Part A

Name the newspapers in your community:

Who is the president of your country?

Who is the governor of your state or commonwealth?

Who is the leader of your local government?
(mayor, borough supervisor, town manager, etc.)

Are any of these people women?

Tell what law you think should be passed in your area:

Why should it be passed?

(Examples: Should there be a curfew for children? Should cats be on a leash when outside?
Should church bells stop tolling from 10 pm to 7 am the next morning?)


Part B

Who are the United States senators from Pennsylvania?

What civic jobs in your community are elected positions?

Where is your local polling place?

What are the major issues for the election this year?

What is the date of the presidential election this year?



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