Plants and Animals Badge

Complete 6 of 10 requirements

1. Plants Here, There and Everywhere
Teams list as many products made from plants as they can think of or find in the supermarket

2. Garden Gifts
Propagate plants from one of the following methods: Seeds, roots (potato, carrot, ginger), leaf cuttings (jade plant, African violet, philodendron), or bulbs (underground stems)

3. Creature Teacher
Teach a pet a new trick or behavior

4. Wild Relatives
Observe wild animal videos and compare their behavior to closely related domesticated animals

5. Creature Clusters
Group animals and plants into classifications using picture cards of at least 25 species

6. Veggie Voyagers
Prepare recipes made with one fruit and one vegetable grown in another country that you have never tasted. Or have an exotic fruit tasting party.

7. Seed Art
Make a mosaic or jewelry from seeds, using at least two kinds of edible seeds
(Remember that seeds are also edible to mice and insects when you decide what you will make, how long you will keep it, and where you will store it!)

8. Living Sculpture
Make a wire sculpture and train a bushy plant or ivy to grow to a shape, using twist ties and pruning it as it grows

9. What a pest!
Learn about plant and animal pests, why they are harmful and how they are being controlled.

10. Go on Safari
At a zoo, using books or the internet, or with your animal picture cards from #5, find animals with specific adaptations for living in particular habitats, avoiding predators and other dangers, finding/using sources of food, etc.



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