Composite Pictures of Plants and Animals

These can be printed on 8.5x10 inch paper and cut into 6 cards per sheet for the Plants and Animals activities.

Composite 1:
Portuguese man-of-war, flamingo, Asian longhorn beetle, body louse, armadillo, California king snake

Composite 2:
bactrian camel, wild horses from Chincoteague Island, VA, caterpillar (fall cankerworm?), quahog clam, cheetahs, cockroaches

Composite 3:
deer ticks, great white shark, earthworm, gypsy moths with eggs, elephant, baby harp seal

Composite 4:
house centipede, king penguins, chicken, kudzu, poison ivy, leafy spurge

Composite 5:
lobster, coyote, purple loosestrife, octopus, Mormon cricket, porcupine

Composite 6:
Norwegian rat, Aldabra giant tortoise, northern cardinal, clown fish, silver orb web weaver spider, snowy owl

Composite 7:
humpback whale, turkey vulture, water strider, viceroy butterfly, walking stick, monarch butterfly

Composite 8:
Norway maple, flea, hippopotamus, baby orangutan, Japanese beetle, fly amanita mushroom


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