Election Connection Patch Program
Junior Girl Scout Level


Complete the two starred activities, plus four additional activities. Choose at least one activity from each section:

Section I:


Complete the "Community Scavenger Hunt" here.

Interview someone whose job is affected by the election process. Try to visit them in their workplace. Suggestions of places to visit: town hall, voting place, recreation department, park, community meeting place, library, hospital, cemetery, police station.


Complete the "Qualities of a Good Leader" activity here.

What are the characteristics of a good leader? A good president?


Learn about the election process. Play "The Campaign Trail Game " here. Discuss election terms mentioned in the game (glossary of election words here).


Discuss rules used at troop meetings.
Why are rules needed during meetings? What would happen if a meeting were held with no rules?
How are rules for a troop and laws for a govenment alike or different?
Why is voting important in making decisions in a troop, a classroom, or for a community or country?
What would happen in a troop if they were not able to vote?
What would happen in the country?

5 Hold a troop election for officers for the troop. They need to decide which offices they need to fill, then nominate conadidates. Have each candidate prepare a campaign slogan or speech to present to the troop before the vote.


Section II


Discuss how girls can convince people why it is important for them to vote.
In your troop, have girls practice how and what they will say to people.
Have girls discuss with at least five adults why it is important to vote and ask each adult to sign the "I Pledge to Vote" card promising to vote in the presidential election. Turn in the pledge cards to your council.


Find out who may vote in the USA and how someone registers to vote in the community.


Set up or participate in a "Get Out the Vote" booth at the local mall or grocery store. You may want to have voter registration cards available at the booth. Be sure to ask adults to sign an "I Pledge to Vote" card.


Find out about the different political parties.


Read pages 24-25 of the Junior Girl Scout Handbook.
What does it mean to be a responsible citizen?
Discuss different ways citizens can contribute to their community, country, or the world.
Discuss the important needs of the community and the importance of doing community service.

Organize and provice a porject that contirbutes to the community. You may want to divide tinto groups and have each group research a specific project and develop a campaign to support it.



Section III

1 Find out the names of this year's presidential candidates and their party platforms.
2 Create, individually or as a group, a word puzzle (crossword, word search, cryptogram) to share with someone. (Refer to Election Glossary for help with words.)
3 Vote in a Mock Election. Girls need to make sure they are informed voters.





Please remember Girl Scouts of the USA policy regarding political endorsements: As a not-for-profit organization, the Girl Scouts may take action only on legislation that directly affects the corporate rights, responsibilities, and purpose of Girl Scouting. Individual members may not take action on legislation or participate in any political activity that supports or opposes a candidate for public office, in their capacities as Girl Scouts.

Such activities as conducting a flag ceremony at a political rally or appearing in an advertisement for a political candidate—where the person is clearly being identified as a Girl Scout—are prohibited. Some Girl Scout troops or groups conduct activities that describe the political process and the importance of voting. These activities are designed to be informative and do not advocate one position over another.


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