Jeweler Badge


1. Jewelry from Everyday Objects

2. Macrame

3: Jewelry From Other Lands
Learn about jewelry of four different cultures.
Describe the materials and styles used and their customs
and traditions for wearing jewelry. If possible,
find pictures of the type of jewelry worn in each culture.

4. Jeweler's Skills: See Badge Book

5. Take a Tour: See Badge Book

6. Something Natural

7. Triple Up

8. Store Your Gems

9: True Gemstones
Learn about one type of stone or mineral used in jewelry.
For example, you might choose to learn more about
your birthstone. Does the stone or mineral have
any special meaning? Are there any
legends or myths about its special power?

10: Get the Message?
Find out about the symbolism of different kinds
of jewelry, such as wedding bands or friendship
bracelets. Make a piece of jewelry to give
to someone else as a symbol of your friendship.

Websites - explore with a parent:

General links
The Costumers Manifesto: History of Jewelry
Junior Badge Packets and Worksheets by Jenefer at Speedyweb
About Jewelry
All About Jewels Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry

Significance of Gemstones and Metals
Gemstones, Crystals, Minerals, Precious Metals in Jewelry, Mythology, History, New Age Philosophy, Geography, Mining Sources and Religion
Birthstone History and Lore
There is More Than One Way to Choose a Birthstone
Birthstone Facts and Myths
Birthstones: Modern Birthstones, Traditional Birthstones, and Mystical Birthstones Birthstones
Birthstone Legends
Some of the Legends Linked to Birthstones Are Real Gems
Medieval Jewelry
Gemstone Information

Symbolism of Particular Objects of Jewelry
Wedding Traditions: Rings
Wedding Traditions
Friendship Bracelets
Claddagh Rings

Greek Jewelry
Greek Jewelry: 5000 Years of Tradition
Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Jewelry in Athens
Macedonian Jewelry

Jewelry of the Celts (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany)
Celtic Symbols and Their Meaning
Symbolism of Celtic Knotwork
Celtic History: Jewelry
Celtic Irish Silver Jewelry

Jewelry of India
Women and Jewelry: The Spiritual Dimensions of Ornamentation
Indian Jewelry Examples
Indian Jewelry Examples
The Jewelry of the Mysore Maharaja
Faces of India: Jewelry Enhances the Womanhood

Renaissance European Jewelry
A Short History of Jewelry: Medieval
Medieval Jewelry

Native American Jewelry
Indian Symbols
Wampum: Treaties, Sacred Records
Heishi Shells and Other Beads
Native American Art Links
Squash Blossoms and Stars: Pueblo and Navajo Jewelry
Native American Jewelry

Chinese Jewelry
Chinese Jade from the Ch'ing Dynasty

Chinese Archaic Jades
Curiosity Chinese Arts: Jade
Curiosity Chinese Arts: More Jade
Jade Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Egyptian Jewelry
Splendors of Ancient Egypt Artifacts
Egyptian Jewelry
Ancient Egyptian Faience


Mideastern/Eastern European Jewelry (Byzantine, Islamic, Persian, etc.)
Tarek Rajab Museum Photos
Hellenic Ministry of Culture: Byzantine Jewelry
Early Medieval Jewelry Hunnish, Ostrogothic, Frankish and Byzantine
Cosmetics, Styles and Beauty Concepts in Iraq


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