Friendship Flags
This project fulfills a requirement of the Sign of the Rainbow.

First make blank flags out of solid color cloth.
We used cream colored cotton broadcloth.
Cut the cloth to section 33x22 inches.
Fold under top side of flag 1/4 inch and iron to hold the crease.
Fold another 1/4 inch and iron.
Use a sewing machine with matching thread and sew over the right side of the fabric to make a hem.
Do the same with the bottom of the flag.
Do the same on one of the two sides of the flag.
On the other side, fold 1/4 inch then ONE INCH, iron and sew.
(This leaves room for a flag pole.)



Now sew two rows of stiches across the top of the flagpole pocket so the pole won't slide down or poke through. The bottom of the pocket is left open (as long as you followed directions and sewed that side last!)



Give each girl a blank flag. Have available colored felt, glue, acrylic fabric paints, sequins, beads, yarn, ribbons, and whatever else you can dream up. The girls decorate their own flags in whatever way they want to reflect who they are -- interests, aspirations, experiences, ethnicity ... no limits.
Be sure to have a drop cloth or plenty of old newspaper to put under the flags while the girls paint them -- the paint and glue will soak through in spots, and spilled paint is inevitable. Count on the flags ending up all over the floor while the girls paint, with girls stepping over and around to look at other flags and get ideas for their own.
The flags will be too wet to go home right away -- plan on a place for them to dry until next meeting.



After the flags are finished, they can be hung on a line to display them, then each girl can take hers home on a dowel rod flagpole.


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